Your life will be much easier


Free up waiting time and check status through online queue.


Make reservation anytime, anywhere. Get notified by auto reminders.


Join a queue, book a seat, place order before you sit.


Connect businesses and customers by delivering fresh to doorsteps.

Manage All in One Place

Convenient at the best
From queue and reservation to online ordering, everything is under your fingertips. You can activate booking deposits and customize auto reminders for your guests. Gain better traffic and sales insights from the analytics tool.

Drag & Drop to Manage All Requests

All at a glance
With the table management enabled, you get to manage incoming queues, reservations and orders at ease. Create as many tables based on your premise floorplan. Drag & Drop the requests to each table. Increase your staff efficiency while keeping everything easy.

Future-proof your business with Kewdoo

Connecting Customers and You

All In One Place

Queue and reservation systems combine with floor plan provide clearer overview and better management.

Just Few Clicks

Click to call, skip, and dine in with just few clicks, allows to manage store traffic efficiently.

Save Your Time

Via customized operation system, reduce time spent on picking calls, checking messages on social media.

Notify Instantly

With Kewdoo’s notification tool, allows to notify your customers anywhere, anytime instantly.

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